Geolife not just a trade name is an idea that grew out of a need for change, not only personal but more intense and deep with a mood of infecting others, not of my own ideas, but the desire to believe that we can go beyond where we are each, and also respecting one not only to us and among us, also to our environment.

Geolife are products for application mainly in the construction industry and specifically in the precast concrete and all your market: cement, concrete plants, recipes, personal, business systems, precast (prestressed or not, etc.). Urban promotions, exhibition graphics, artistic and thematic.

Since the main goal is customer satisfaction, deliver, always, a high quality product and adjust to suit the needs presented
-So far in building individual manual processes prevail. In the production process has little impact machinery, and essential work operator's manual.

-What is causing a low-volume production. The slow process results in a small number of units produced. -With an uneven quality. The fact that each worker perform the work manually and individually determines that there is no quality standard.

Risky and painful-production systems: Currently the buildings are being erected on a mechanized system of "plates" of iron and wood supported by tubular assaults (forms), on which is mounted while the steel reinforcement and then dumps the concrete.

This process requires the operator to work at high altitude handling large weights of irregular shapes and difficult to handle. The risks and difficulties are obvious. This first assembly process and concrete, the stripping happens after reasonable time pending the setting of concrete, formwork offers the same difficulty and risk that the formwork, it is necessary to recover the material for its high value, even and significant losses always occur in materials. It is clear why the construction sector has the highest incidence of accidents of all productive sectors in our country. The Ministry of Health Labor UGT, Marisa Rufino, said that the number of workplace accidents last year "are intolerable. Have fallen by the crisis, since most fatal accidents occurred in the construction industry "

-High costs. The combination of the above factors results in a logic high production costs.

- The Romans used the concrete in some of its buildings, perhaps the most significant of them may be the dome of the oculo of the gods "the pantheon" of Agrippa in Rome, but then no longer have news of this material in the history. And the late nineteenth century when it began manufacturing the first reinforced concrete beams. Since then there have been many attempts to industrialize a modular panel system that would serve as a model in residential building construction and infrastructure, some of them with varying success, but all with some type of structural defect or practical application.
-The GEOLIFE model is certainly a model of reinforced concrete panels of structural features.

-The characteristics of the armature, allowing each panel GEOLIFE can act on the whole building as a biga vertical (main beam) or as a forging.

-The "device structural panel joint" GEOLIFE P200801099, facilitates the connection between the panels at a time that is a perfect dispersion of charges received from outside the building.

-The construction model GEOLIFE respects the original design of the project architect, just as you would the traditional forms.

- The full industrialization of the structure ensures the quality requirements of the same, minimizing the risks of mounting. And as a result of workplace accidents.

-Reduced costs. The combination of the above factors results in a considerable reduction logic of production costs.
-GEOLIFE not just a building system designed for applications in construction.

-The application of "artificial soil" GEOLIFE P200701063, which also include the same structural characteristics of reinforced concrete panels GEOLIFE includes the possibility of replacing the concrete surface layer by an inert substrate overlay for rolling vehicle or to hydroponic growing, As intended in the project.

-The hydraulic system which acts as a pilot between panels GEOLIFE connecting through a hydraulic actuator panels together by the "junction device structural panel" P 200801099 allows to construct the artificial soil superimposed on the natural ground without large run-up, which makes it a system not only economic but also ecological.

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Francisco López Hinojosa GEOLIFE June 2011